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Marriage Counseling Lexington

Welcome to our marriage counseling Lexington KY website! We have very very valuable resources here.

We understand the value of good marriage advice as we hear of so many of our clients that have not received good advice which has led to even more marriage problems.

We are happy to help you navigate these problems in Lexington marriage counseling, and are also happy to help you in premarital counseling Lexington KY to prepare for what should be the best times in your life.

Lexington couples counseling

Couples Counseling

lexington marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

lexington premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling

About Marriage Counseling Lexington KY

lexington couples therapy

Couples therapy can be a very difficult process to begin. Our goal is to create the best learning environment for you so that you can feel the reward of healing broken hearts and wounds, fostering a new connection in your marriage and allow you to make and reach milestones and goals together.

80% of people grow up in a broken home of some sort. Most of the time without even being aware of it, you take certain habits, or triggers, or emotions into your marriage.

You may have grown up in an angry family, which now causes you to be quick to anger. You may have grown up in a perfectionist family or control family, which now causes you to be more worried about controlling or perfecting rather than accepting.

We are the best at marriage counseling Lexington KY with being the listening ear and the guidance to helping our clients see what type of family they grew up in, how it is effecting their marriage, and how you have the power to change it from here.

You may be struggling with anxiety, or depression, or some sort of mental illness. Those mental struggles may be a result of the difficulty you are experiencing in your relationship.

You will find that in relationship counseling Lexington KY you will see through these issues and have a better understanding of them which will help you to overcome and manage them with much more ease.

Why choose marriage counseling near me?

IYou may both be working all day, you may come home and are both too tired to work through any of your issues. Or maybe you are working all day or your spouse is and the other spouse is home all day with the kids. Then when the working spouse gets home and is expected to help, but there is no help; You get triggered, frustrated, and shut down.

This is what stems disconnect in a relationship. The time and energy has not been given proper attention to your relationship and has such been put in other areas of your life. Maybe it is work, or maybe it is a hobby. Whatever it is that is taking your time and attention, it is time to put it back into your family and marriage.

Call us today and we will help you turn your attention back to each other. Back to what matters most in life. Our clients love us and you will love working with us because of these points here:

  • We have helped couples for years balance family and work
  • Our therapists love seeing their work succeed, so you are their first priority
  • We will have free consultations with you to point you in the direction you need
  • We offer couples therapy near me

Think about how we can help you in your situation.

Call now to schedule an appointment!

What To Expect?

Our clients love to come to see us because we help you in creating a plan to help you and your significant other become on the same page. Many times in our life we are on different pages in the way we resolve conflict, the way we parent, the way we spend our time or our money, and many other reasons.

Rather than buckling down and figuring these out together it can be very easy to normalize these issues and learn to live with them rather than resolve them. We make sure to get all of the information and feelings and emotions from both you and your

spouse. From there we help to find the issue that is being normalized.

When we come to an agreement and understanding we will talk about the tools that you need to help in creating boundaries and holding to them. We know that it is hard to change and will not change in one day. Then what happens when those boundaries are crossed?

Here at marriage counseling Lexington KY we will talk you through what to do then. We will have a plan so that when it happens or if it happens you will be prepared on how to handle the situation rather than reacting to the situation at the time it is happening. This will ease the situation and keep either party from acting in ways that they do not want to act out as.

lexington family counseling


We offer two types of couples therapy, therapy for both before and after marriage. You think you know everything about someone, that is until you get married. Then you realize you have so much more to learn.

We help you to learn some of these things in couples counselling before marriage, and help you to continue learning them through marriage counseling after marriage.

Pre marriage counseling

In premarital counseling you will establish a healthy foundation for communication, for your expectations, and for your boundaries.

When boundaries are not discussed, boundaries are crossed, which leads to much unintentional hurt. Relationship counselling will be the best thing you have done for your marriage even before marriage.

Marriage therapy

No matter what it is you have gone through in your marriage our counselors here will help you feel reassured as you are open and honest in your experiences, thoughts and feelings during couples counseling.

You will capture a new perspective on life and yourself and your relationship as you do so, which will be very freeing and healing to push on to a better marriage

About Lexington KY

Lexington is home to 745,000 people. Nearly 40% of the population has at least a bachelor's degree, as it is home to two universities, a technical school and a community college.

Here you get hot humid summers and mildly cold winters. If you have allergies, this is the number one place for bad allergies. You better have your Claritin on hand.

Lexington KY is known to be the “horse capital of the world”. We not only have tons of horse tracks, races, but we also have horse museums about horses and the sport. What a fun hobby and sport!

Lexington is filled with fertile soil and lots of wildlife, and of course many horse and stock farms. If you are looking for a clean city, this is it. It is 10th for cleanest city in the World.

A few of our nearest cities are

  1. Georgetown, KY
  2. Nicholasville, KY
  3. Winchester, KY
  4. Paris, KY
  5. Versailies, KY
  6. Wilmore, KY
  7. Midway, KY
  8. Stamping Ground, KY
  9. North Middleton, KY
  10. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling

What issues can counseling help?

Counseling can help any and every issue that you are experiencing. For example, if you have gone through the loss of a child, or the loss of a loved one we help you to go through the grieving process together, as that may be very different for the both of you, which sometimes can drive a couple apart. We help you to navigate that. If you have gone through an affair or intimacy issues we help to mend those.

If you simply feel like you are drifting apart or are having communication issues we help to bring you back together and understand each other more clearly. If there is too much work or fun and not enough family time, or your parenting styles are totally different we help to unify you in making and attaining goals together.

Can I save my marriage by myself?

It is a very difficult thing to save a marriage if it is only one sided. As you will create the best marriage as you create the best you, it is the same with your spouse. If you alone are working on your marriage and yourself then yes your marriage will be better, but if you are wanting to save a marriage that is on the verge of ending then you will both have to work together. It is never one sided and will need help on both ends of the spectrum.

Does couples counseling help?

Yes it helps. If you read any of our marriage counseling Lexington KY reviews you will see that we have had so much success in assisting many couples to a happy successful marriage or relationship through couples counseling near me. If both you and your spouse are attending relationship therapy and working your hardest at applying the things that you learn, you will be thrilled to see how it impacts your marriage. You will have even more success than you imagined after couples counseling Lexington KY

What should I look for to find a good therapist?

The first thing you want to assess is what is important to you in a relationship. Do you value openness and someone who is forward? Do you value an intent listener? Knowing this will help you in finding the best counselor for you for your relationship counseling.

You will get to know our counselors as we tell you about them at Lexington marriage counseling. Through this you will choose one and hopefully you love them. If not, you are always welcome to switch to a new counselor for couples therapy Lexington KY.

Client Testimonials

I have better understood my wife more than ever before. She never could explain how she was feeling to me but could explain it perfectly to the counselor, so when I was there I would see how she was feeling. It has helped us to grow much closer.

John Hanley

I cannot believe everything I have learned about myself. I had no idea that I was holding onto baggage from past relationships until I unburied it during one of our sessions. I have been working on it ever since and it is helping to heal a lot of past wounds.

Brenda Smith

I love the structure they use! It makes so much sense in everything our counselor teaches us. We love her and love how it has helped us become so much more emotionally intimate.

Linda Hall

Contact Us Today!

If you have realized that you have bad habits you would like to overcome, or your spouse and you are not getting along like you did at one point, now is the time to come to marriage counselling. There can be so many different obstacles that contribute to having marriage problems. We are here to help you dive deep and figure out what some of these are.

We offer relationship counseling Lexington KY and pre marriage counseling. In these you will learn more about your spouse, more about each other and gain a closer relationship in doing so. Marriage counseling Lexington KY has the best counselors and therapists to help you succeed in having a peaceful home and family, while bettering yourself and your relationship.

Marriage Counseling Lexington

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